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The P. and O. R.M.S. Parramatta, which arrived on Saturday, brought for Messrs S. H. and E. A. Whittaker, of South Yarra, a brace of high class black cocker spaniels, which were purchased from Mr. James F. Farrow, of The Fountains, Ipswich, who is one of the chief, if not the leading, breeder of this small sporting class of dog.

1887, June 25



Last week (states "Plinlimmon" in the Leader) when on my visit to inspect the newly imported Field Spaniel, Gipping Floss (20,653), I availed myself of the opportunity of looking through Messrs. Whittaker Bros.' kennels. The ground room devoted to the dogs, irrespective of an exercising yard, is 40ft. by 35ft. On this the kennels are built, the houses varying in size from 4ft. by 4ft. to 10ft. by 3ft.

1890, March 1

[Jack Obo's registration is 19253 not 1925 as quoted]



A correspondent writes to inform us that immediately after the sale of Mr. Chirnside's greyhounds in Melbourne,on May 27, Mr. Fred. H. Sampson offered for sale his field and cocker spaniels, mostly young unbroken stock. Owing, probably, to their not being properly advertised, few buyers were present, and the highest bid for a single animal was only £20.

1890, June 3


As nearly all the Cocker spaniels of any note in Australia are descended from Champion Obo, through his son, Jack Obo, the following description of the old dog, taken from the Stock-keeper, June 12, will be interesting to many fanciers:—"Obo has gone over to the great majority at the good old age of about a dozen years. As a sire he excelled any Cocker seen since the history of dog shows. As a prize winner, when exhibited in Cocker classes, he never had his flag lowered.

1891, July 25


(By "MERLEY.")


The "cocker" in Australia vies with any other breed in being second in popularity to the fox terrier, and splendid entries are made at most of our leading shows. Our most successful exhibitors in New South Wales are Major Thorn, Mrs. Ure-Smith, Miss MacCulloch, T. Blakeley, W. and S. J. Williams and W. T. Browne.

1938, January 23



Sir,—As a spectator at a dog show recently in Newcastle, I was interested when the cocker spaniel section was being judged. To my surprise, I saw some excellent blacks relegated to second places, and the principal awards given to blue roans, some of which were certainly inferior to the blacks, I over heard the judge remark to another judge that blacks were not a "true cocker."

1941, June 5

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