Einstein (formerly Rafferty) is a 14 year old American Cocker.

The Yanks are Coming The Yanks are Coming

30th April, 2017
Subsequent to conversations with Rainy Day Rescue we have taken on two American Cockers...


Why Einstein? Some time ago we made a small donation to Camp Cocker in the US in support of an English Cocker they had rescued (Maddy I believe). Being on their mailing list we discovered that someone had taken in a black American Cocker from Camp Cocker and named him Einstein as well as making a sizeable donation to them. Quod erat faciendum.

Needs a trim though... And 14? Not so sure about that! He certainly proves Albert's mass energy relationship E = mc2 as, although partially blind and wobbly on the back legs, he is still full of energy.

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